Mis calculated points

  • I build 10 streets long road and the other player had 5 streets and I wasn't getting the longest road... So the other won in the next round. But I was supposed to get the longest road. When I asked, the other players couldn't see one of my streets. And when I left the game after losing the page told me "You're kicked out of the game". What went wrong? This was the last Game I playe today monday 19 juni, aprroximately beteween 13.15 and 13.45. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, cause I'm totally okay with losing. But this ain't fair.

  • administrators

    @ZK31 We will take a look at it but it always helps in situations like this if you could provide us with a screenshot. Best you upload it to a file hoster of your choice and share the link here in the forums.

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