Didn't get achievement

  • I just completed a game in which I settled all the islands in the four islands scenario but wasn't awarded the achievement for doing so.

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    @hellocataner Have you played int browser or the steam version?

  • Browser, but I didn't see any problems with the other achievements I've earned, so what should that matter. And if problems like this are so widespread that you need to ask, why would you ever think this game was ready for release? I don't play for the achievements, but since they are there, it would be nice if they worked properly. Either way, it's been a full day since my post and 12 hours since you replied and I see that I still don't have it. I can't imagine that there are very many happy people working for Catan Universe right now... I know I'd be pretty discouraged having to answer all the complaints and negative feedback. You really need to get your act together or get out of the online board game market.

  • Why would it matter if he played in browser or not? The game logic should run on the server anyway. Are you saying that some game logic runs on client side? Do you realize how easy it would make hacking the game?

    Something is really fishy if this is true...

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    @hellocataner These are some basic question to identify the session you played and to check if something went wrong. No need to personal attacks or the mentioning of the well being of people that want to help you and find out what went wrong.

    Apart from that: Did you played only the seafarer expansion or did you play the game using the cities and knights expansion. The Achievement is only awarded when playing the scenario using the seafarers expansion. Have you tried to relog (log out and in again)?

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