My account is blocked

  • @Administrator This is fucking bull shit.

  • This is a very goood approach to lose players... ;-)

    I had caps enabled, and after three times it told me to that i'm blocked... (without mentioning how long I will be blocked...).

    I thought... well I don't mind to change my password if it would unlock me. I had no issues changing my password, using the password recovery option... so I have an updated password an now the game tells me I'm still blocked? So you would like an attacker to update my password and then you stop them using my "important" catan account?!

    A few ideas how to improve this:

    1. At leas mention how long the user is locked out, I want to know how long I can leave the game alone before retrying (and getting frustrated..)
    2. If someone manages to change the password (using the email code) directly unblock the account?!
    3. Add an option to unblock the account using the email code authentication without changing the password...

    Thanks for this great game :-)

  • Either you pay people's money back or disable this unnecessary password feature. Blocking account for 1 hour shows low level of technical/networking understanding, Shame on you!!!!!

  • necro:

    why is the lockout 1 hour, even after resetting the password? way too long, no one logs in an hour early

  • This is insane that the app lock you out for an hour. This app design is so bad plus no warnings at all. Now I am locked out of the app for an hour for something I paid for.

  • The absolute worst UX in the history of a website design. In what world would you lock a user out for an hour?!?! Could you imagine the trolling that would happen if any reputable platform, much less a pay to play platform, would lock it's users out for an hour AFTER completing an activation to verify the account.

  • This is really ridiculous way to manage a wrong password, is there any real engineer in there???? how you can change password with a block account???? one hour for what reason????? ridiculous just ridiculous

  • I found this thread after my account was blocked because I couldn't remember my password - then I used the 'forgot password' link and made a new one, but it's still blocked and I can't play.

    I did however, use that username and password to login and make this post though, so I don't know what the hell is going on there. This seems really bad and the fact that this thread is over 2 YEARS OLD and they still haven't fixed it doesn't help.

  • Lockdown of the account for an hour after 3 failed attempts (with no other chance of unlocking you account via email for example) is an exaggerated security measure that I've only seen in bank accounts. Not even e-mail accounts have these over-the-top security measures. You should be putting customer experience first, and acknowledge that you have made a mistake with this. Please fix this, or I will not buy the game.

  • This is crazy. Does anyone at Catan Universe even read this thread?

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