My account is blocked

  • My account is temporarily blocked for entered wrong password three times.
    How do I recover my account? How long will it be locked?

  • administrators

    @nmera21 The account gets blocked for an hour if you enter your password incorrectly 3 times. Our support ( is able to unlock your account but at times it will take us more than an hour to reply to your emails.

  • This method should be reduced to 5 minutes.. or not exist at all. When someone gets to another PC or buys a new phone, most of the time can't recall which one of many passwords it is. Blocked accounts happen.

  • @Administrator An hour??? Why on earth would you block it for an hour? I just registered and bought the game, I couldn't play even one game because I got blocked! Terrible.

  • When you have to make another account and have to buy the game so you dont wait an hour..... feels bad man good ploy getting another 5 bucks outta me

  • This is absurd!!! Why wait one hour?!?! And why block my account if i didn't put the right password 3 times!!! Please change this!!! Don't waste my time!!!

  • @Bordeianu-Andrei Why? So Hackers cannot read out (and steal) :mag_right: your password by automaticly trying one after the other. That is a standard safty protocol since the early dawn of the computer age. I admit it is really annoying, but it does make sense.

  • At least the login screen should warn about that it blocks account for an hour with 3 unsuccessful attempts.
    Is should also tell how long it blocks - otherwise you have to google and look into an old help thread.
    I managed to reset the password, but even after a password reset the account is still blocked.
    Just wanted to say: "Annoying UX, as with a lot of in game functionality".

  • @Hansson said:

    I managed to reset the password, but even after a password reset the account is still blocked.

    Locking the account is one thing, but leaving it locked after a password reset is surprising [because if a hacker had access to your email account to intercept the password reset, they'd just reset the catan password right away avoiding locking it, or go after more valuable targets]

  • @Hansson Yes, that´s true. :hibiscus:

  • @Rumpelstilzchen it makes sense for bank accounts and important sensitive information but who cares if somebody gets my password for this game.

  • A lot of people have the same password across platforms. People trust that the developers know what they are doing and implement the safest security measures possible.

    Looking at this team, I am pretty sure that the passwords are saved as plaintext... :D

  • Are you serious? An hour? Even after getting a new password during security code? GIVE MY MONEY BACK!!!!

  • Being locked out of the game for 1 hour is ridiculous...

  • Agree with prior comments on bad Ux & design. Security doesn’t have to override good interaction.
    My problem starts every time an update gets pushed out and I have to remember a password from months+ ago bc it forces me to log back in.
    Of course I get locked out after 3 fails and even trying to create a new password is a messy process (the last reset code I got had combination of zer0 and capital ‘O’.

    Please focus less on (unneeded ) security and more on interaction.

  • Lockout after three attempts is a bit over-zealous too for a game... My banking app gives me more leeway... It is just a game after all guys... Three failed attempts and then an hour... I think that you need to re-think about your customers' needs and expectations...

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