My account is blocked

  • My account is temporarily blocked for entered wrong password three times.
    How do I recover my account? How long will it be locked?

  • administrators

    @nmera21 The account gets blocked for an hour if you enter you password incorrectly 3 times. Our support ( is able to unlock your account but at times it will takes as more than an hour to reply to your emails.

  • This method should be reduced to 5 minutes.. or not exist at all. When someone gets to another PC or buys a new phone, most of the time can't recall which one of many passwords it is. Blocked accounts happen.

  • @Administrator An hour??? Why on earth would you block it for an hour? I just registered and bought the game, I couldn't play even one game because I got blocked! Terrible.

  • When you have to make another account and have to buy the game so you dont wait an hour..... feels bad man good ploy getting another 5 bucks outta me

  • This is absurd!!! Why wait one hour?!?! And why block my account if i didn't put the right password 3 times!!! Please change this!!! Don't waste my time!!!

  • @Bordeianu-Andrei Why? So Hackers cannot read out (and steal) :mag_right: your password by automaticly trying one after the other. That is a standard safty protocol since the early dawn of the computer age. I admit it is really annoying, but it does make sense.

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