Game Freezing between players movements

  • OK this is getting really annoying, all day playing CaK when in multiple player it's freezing when switching between players, the last game i got out of pretty much anytime somebody finished their turn the next person has to reset the game because it's not switching over , i know that it happens with some people having bad internet but this isn't that this is something to do in the game.

    also i will note in the last game i think i found every-time somebody played a progress card it did it. this is in the steam downloaded version and my internet is working fine, so i'm just curious is there a catch that we have to empty on our end every once in a while?

    lastly in trying to find if anybody is having this problem i see that the 120 second time goes 120 seconds then 60 then 11 which i don't really mind but you need to figure out why the game is getting stuck inbetween players because i'm now lossing elo- i think i've probable lost 20 today becauseof it

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    @Kraken-88 Thanks for the feedback. We are currently investigating the causes for that issue.

  • Same issue here - Always play C&K

  • I am also having problems finishing games as it keeps freezing up where one or 2 players have to keep logging out and returning. I have not experienced any timers working either. In the last 3 days I have only had a couple of games that were completed out of 6 + games. It seems to be getting worse.

  • Thank you all for your feedback. Our developers are in hot pursuit of this bug which seems to be a little complicated and connected to other mentioned issues. We are confident to resolve it in the next hotfix.

  • I just experienced the same problem in a free match of the base game (game start around or right after 6.30 pm). Around the end of the game I got the ingame notice that I do not have a connection eventhough everything seemed fine after I acknowledged the message besides the notice that an unsuccesful trade of my opponent had already been processed. I could still see the moves of my opponent until the turn was passed. The game froze at that point. On my screen it was still my opponents turn while my opponent said it should be my turn. I was still able to chat but it seemed like the rest of the gameplay got desynced somehow. So I tried reloading the page in order to rejoin the game.

    After reloading the page the game didn't log me back in automatically as usual. It started switching between the screens of being logged in and being logged out always showing the notice "Timeout" in between. After it switched like 3 times it stayed in the state of being logged in and showed me the message if I want to rejoin the running game so I clicked yes. It passed through the loading screen correctly, but when going back into the actual game I only got a brownish screen. The ingame chat window was displayed correctly and it showed the messages of my opponents but I was not able to answer while everything else stayed unchanged. So I tried to reload the page again.

    After reloading succesfully (this time without any further problems) I didn't get the notice, if I wanted to rejoin, because I assume my opponents had grown impatient and had left the game. My statistics also showed that I had lost 8 ELO points as if I was the first to leave the game before it was finished.

    Unfortunately I didn't make any screenshots.

  • Any update on this??

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    @dougzorz In research for the latest update we found some possible causes for behavior like this. It will manly appear if one of the players has a "not that stable" wifi connection. Our devs work full speed on resolving these issues starting with the first fixes which should find their way into the game with the next hotfix. Thanks for your patience so far.

  • yes, this is happening to me too, so often that i don't even want to try to play a game.

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