Post hotfix 13/06/2017 - Javascript error

  • I have Windows 10 PC 64-Bit and usually play in Chrome Browser. Since early this afternoon I get the following dialogue message when trying to load Catan Universe: says:

    An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser's JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
    Uncaught Assertion failed: 0 == (field->offset % sizeof (void*)), at:/Applications/Unity-5.4.4f1/,1794,GetBitmatNoInit at Error
    at jsStackTrace (blob:https:/ /
    at stackTrace (blob:https:/ /
    at___assert_fail (blob:https:/ /
    at Array.e7G(blob:https:/ /
    at Object.UAK [as dynCall_viiii] (blob:https:/ /
    at invoke_viiii (blob:https:/ /
    at FIK (blob:https:/ /
    at Array.S6G (blob:https:/ /catanuniverse .com/bd5d3137-64c3-4f40-b05e-19e3be509bd1:46:559916)
    at Object.bBK [as dynCall_vii] (blob:https:/ /
    at invoke_vii (blob:https:/ / blob:https:/ /

    OK (button)

    (a small edit to get the details to show ... added a space between the //.


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    @00SunTzu Have your tried to clear the cache of your browser?

  • I didn't but since yesterday I have closed and re-opened it and now it appears to be working again ... my bad!

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