• Every 2-3 games, Catan freezes at some point during a game, making me lose tons of ELO ... The freezes happen at different points in the game but mostly at the beginning when placing the first settlements or even when the 3-opponent window pops up.
    It is really annoying, a waste of time and unfair with regards to the ELO, are you looking into repairing this? When will the game be repaired and work properly? Considering we have paid for the game, the least we would like is for it to work 100% of the time not 66%.
    I win 5-6 ELO for winning a game, I lose 10 because the next one freezes...
    Thank you.

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    @KuM4M0n are you using the browser or the steam version of the game?

  • I am using the Steam Version. I have a game currently frozen on the 3-opponent window pop up. Can screen-shot for you if needed.

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