Forum not accessible when automatically loged in

  • When I'm automatically logged in, the forum freezes when I want to acces it. I use firefox.

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    @White-Knight Thanks for the feedback. Is your browser up to date and have you tried a different browser and having the same issue?

  • @Administrator My browser automatically updates, so yes, it's up to date. I have the same problem using opera. I can click on the english forum. And if I after that try to go to one of the forums it shows a loading line to about 3 quarters and then it stops.

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    @White-Knight Thanks fr the additional info. We will try to recreate the situation on one of our systems to get to the core of that issue.

  • @White-Knight I had the same problem with firefox. I now use Chrome and have no problems. It's crazy, though, that you have to hop from browser to browser in order to find one that works for the forums. Another development snafu.

  • I log into CU to play a game but then I have to log in again to use the forum.

    The login process takes a long time.

    Every time I go to, I get the system requirements indow and then the user rules window, and then I have to fiddle to log on.
    Why is that so complicated?...

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