People who have been turned away from the game

  • So many people have asked to delete their account. I think that is a good feedback point to how bad the game is.

    Also, a lot of players were initially OK with how the game works and were quite active on the forums. After a while they realized how badly things are run so they turned to hating the development. Let's make a list of those players. Maybe then @Administrator will see that things have to change.

    List (in approximate order of hating the development):
    @Honie (Added because of the recent post)
    @Stanly Twobrick

    Currently the list is short because I don't remember everyone. But as I see people who were positive about the game turn into negative, I will add them into the list.
    If you want to be on the list, post and I will edit you in. If you think you are not supposed to be here, post and I will edit you out.

  • Very constructive Post! Very nice arguments why you hate the game so much. Much information about how the game could be better! This helps a lot! Sarcasm... What's the point of posting a comment when you don't say anything constructive? Just for the point of posting?

    Anyway, give the game some time to get better. I realize some good improvements since I joined the early access.

  • I have posted constructive criticism for 1.5 years and nothing has changed related to that. It has even gotten worse. If you want more details, look at my post history.

    tl;dr: The game is meant for mobile systems and they are not going to add features for PC even if it would make playing on PC more pleasant.
    Trading system is horrible, you can not offer counter-trades to the current player. Human interaction is greatly reduced compared to PlayCatan. Catan is a negotiating game and that is totally removed.
    AI substituting players and the automatic timer making moves for you is a horrible idea.
    No lobby means you do not see how many players are online (especially bad for a small game like this) so playing expansions is nearly impossible. Now add all the customizations which would be super easy to use in a lobby vs a matchmaker and you see that a lobby is a superior feature for a game with small player base.
    The random elements of the game are broken. The dice seem to have a finite set of patterns. I can not trust the developers words if you can reproduce an array of 9-9-9-9-9-7 (and no more 7s rolled after that). Another thing, random maps are created "wrong". If you want relatively balanced maps then the numbers should be placed in a spiral to make them more uniformly distributed. Some scenarios have the same maps - Ore-for-Wool for instance. It was said that the map can not be made random because then ore would be more common on the map... This is stupid. you can always place the numbers first and then add the ore resources under 2,12 and 3,11 tiles and then the other resources on the rest. The fact that the administrator is still arguing against it shows how lazy they are. Changing even simple things takes a lot of effort.
    The development of the game is slow. Even critical bugs are often up for more than 2 months without a fix. Just look at alll previous games by USM and exozet, very similar complaints and no fixes. And even if they fix something, they break something else too. The forums were down for several hours today. I have noticed the forums being down several times this month. Something as easy as this should not be so problematic.
    Very minor issue to me is that the game is now "freemium". You can gain scrolls... but when you can not gain any more levels you do not get any more scrolls. This makes the game more like a premium game with a very limited free element. Besides, you could just create a new account to get the scrolls again. Maybe run a bot farm to create lvl 20 accounts with 19 scrolls. Any time you run out of scrolls, take a new account. A lot of borderline false advertising issues with this "freemium" model. PlayCatan offered base game for free.

    I find that to make things better for online Catan, we should criticize the actions of the game designers and developers. Something is fundamentally wrong here and the solutions are either to fix the main issues mentioned above or to shut down Catan Universe and start over with a team who favors gameplay instead of eye candy and greedy monetization tactics.

    "Give them time"? I had given them a lot of time and there has not been much improvement for 1.5 years.

  • A good reddit post about the possible situation:

    I guess the developers are not allowed to comment publicly about the game. The higher-ups are to blame but they don't care.

  • A new patch yesterday, and as predicted, nothing was done about the atrocious trading platform and nothing done to improve game play. Just cosmetic patches to fix programming errors and such. I'm down to playing maybe 1 game a week now against the bots; and that's only when I really don't have anything to do and want to waste 20 minutes. I've come to dislike Catan so much because of this nonsense called Catan Universe that I no longer recommend the actual board game to friends.

  • add @Stanly Twobrick although his account was closed by request and all his posts deleted. bad publicity and a lot of swearing, but the points he or she made were in agreement with yours. puddy should look through all your old posts if for nothing else to see how ignorant his above statement is, and how he is defending the undefendable.

  • Apparently the developers think we are just trolls for not agreeing with the other half of the players.

  • Yeah, uninstalled it finally today. Always end up feeling something's very wrong with it - even when I win.

  • Initially I was here for the game, now I'm just here for the drama. I refuse to pay a cent for a game that's supposed to replicate the "trade, build, settle" feeling on the cover, but doesn't prioritize playability in this regard.

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