Game Doesn't Work

  • I can't play the game, neither in the website nor via steam. When I try to play in the website, it stays stuck on the beginning screen that says "loading... please wait". When I try to play via steam, I can open the game, but when I start playing against other players, the game stays stuck on the beginning screen (the screen divided to 4, where it shows who each player is), and it doesn't show the identity of any of the players.
    Any help?

  • This is exactly what mine is doing whether you do a custom AI match try to do the mandatory scenarios. It just shows the other players icons as ready and yours never appears and it's just froze like that in a constant state of loading.

  • administrators

    @Seith7588 We would appreciate if you could send us screenshots of that via As well as some info about the PC you are using ( OS, CPU, GPU).

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