Is there a tutorial?

  • I tried playing a game but could not figure out how to trade with the bank or other players. When I got to the screen, I clicked on the cards but nothing was happening. Because I only had sixty seconds to do this, I timed out three times as I tried to figure out what I was doing. Come on; there must be some kind of tutorial. The game can't be won if I can't trade.

  • I found the tutorial. It was only showing trading one resource at a time; I was having trouble trading 2:1. I will look through the entire thing and try to play another game and see if I have any better luck. Hopefully this will be no more trouble; I am a new player to the online game.

  • The tutorials will give some tips but if you are still unsure hopefully some friendly player in Auto Match will help you

  • They did try, bless their hearts. The cards were a little tricky, but I figured it out and I played several games and I think I got it. The tutorial was helpful, but it does seem like there could be some labels stating what's coming and going. That, plus the fact that the card has to be clicked in a certain spot, and the fact that I got into a hurry and skipped the tutorial, led to the confusion. It's cool now; thanks. Lessons to be learned.

  • @mayorofjohnsonville You cannot trade 2:1 any more as this is not really an authentic Catan platform. Many of the rules are being circumvented in this version.

  • @Poisonguy I think you can still trade 2:1. Haven't played since last update. The UI is just not designed well enough to make it intuitive.

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