Empire Achievement - Question

  • I built on all 4 islands of The Four Islands. It was 3 player and both humans had quit but no achievement. Is there something I'm missing?

  • @flamingshorts : I built on all four islands in AI and vs. real opponents mode and didn't get the achievement "Empire" anyway.
    Seems to be a bug that occurs whenever the last settlement on the forth island gives you the winning VPs and ends the game (which is fairly likely, given the game target is 13 VPs).

  • I confirm the problem. I colonized all 4 islands but didn't get the achievement. And it's not the first time it happens.

  • Thanks for the feedback. We will look into it if there are circumstances which will cause the achievement not to get awarded. do you guys play the browser or the steam version?

  • @Administrator the Chrome version. And, as suggested before, the bug might be happening when the last user action is wining by placing a settlement on the forth colonized island.

  • administrators

    @Giom Thanks for the additional info. It has been forwarded to our developers.

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