Game freezes and I have no choice but to quit

  • During two different games today the game has completely frozen during one players turn. The other player and I were still able to chat in the chat box but neither of us were able to get the game to continue. In both games we both tried disconnecting and getting back into the game but it did nothing. In both games we reported the guy that wasn't responded as it was frozen on him and waited about 20-30 minunts for the game to continue but nothing happened. After this we both left the game and I was was shocked to realize my elo and karma had gone down..... Please give my elo and karma back for the two games and fix this bug of forcing us to leave games... HELP!

  • I've had the exact same problem! please help!

  • we both need help!!! please help!

  • We're sorry that you had trouble playing today.

    @1NF1N1TY We're just checking your game log - thanks for reporting! It seems that the game stopped after you ended your turn and then the logs ends when the next player (the one not responding) should have acted. Do you recall that player letting his turn timer run out in some rounds before?

    @Callum McK

    It would really help if we knew a few more details on the game you played as well:

    • Game mode (auto-match or custom match)
    • Were only human or computer players participating, too? (Either from start during custom match or as a replacement after a human player left?
    • When exactly did the game freeze? During an human or during a computer player's turn? What happened in-game e.g. did the game freeze after a certain card was played or after a specific in-game action, e.g. a turn ending/starting?

  • The player seemed to be playing quite normally up until it froze on him both times... The turn timer may have run out 1 time but I can't recall. Both times the player wasn't communicating in chat at all though through the entire game.

    I just played another game and during a turn it came up with an error sign saying "your game has ended" and I had no option but to quit. Upon quitting i noticed I lost elo and probably karma so please help. This was on the greater catan map

  • This has happened to me a few times too. No timer appears , nothing. You have to hope to be lucky when sb disconnects or else the only option is to quit. They have implemented the karma to prevent people from quitting and the game itself gives you no option but to quit!

  • @Administrator I'm currently sitting in another game where this situation is happening. It's frozen on a player and the timer has bugged out. The frozen guy in this game is called PiRat and I have reported him. I have already been waiting 10 minutes and will wait another 30 minutes to see if anything happens.. I don't want to quit and lose more elo and karma..... This will be the 4th time this bug has occurred so please give me 4 games of elo and karma reasonably.

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    We're currently looking into this. The log ends when the player the turn seems to freeze on activated a knight. Is that the last action you've seen as well ?

  • @Administrator Yes I believe so, the log ended on him. After waiting 30 minutes he disconnected and we were able to continue play with an AI but it's not the same and elo and karma should not be removed for these games. They should simply no count due to game error. So please give me 4 games worth of elo and karma, at least or the karma and elo removed from me for these games and please please fix the problem. I could finish a whole game during the waiting period. I do really enjoy this game but the main attraction is the elo/karma base system for the competitiveness so please fix it otherwise need some sort of refund policy. THanks!

  • @Administrator Any update? Thanks for the help!

  • @Administrator Hi, just had a game where during the game a random message telling me I have no network connection popped up and it forced me to quit as the game was being unresponsive. I ended the program and tried refreshing the game to reconnect in but the option to get back into my game was not available. I was clearly in the lead and would have won in just about 1-2 turns but instead I lose 12 elo because the game forced me to leave... This is the 5th time I've lost elo due to errors in the programming of the game which comes to around 50-60 elo. So please add 50 elo to my game or what can you do for me to make up for this problem? thanks

  • @Administrator Please help solve this bug and let us know what you will do about elo! I need to know otherwise I would like a refund if I will lose my ranking without finishing games like Infinity is saying!

  • This happened to me on one player's first turn - he disconnected, but the game did not seem to recognize this. The other player and I were still able to chat, and tried restarting our clients, to no avail. We stayed in the frozen game for ~15 minutes before she eventually also left. I have not been able to finish a full game yet - this seems to be a recurring issue and makes the game frustrating and nearly unplayable.

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    @chairmanlmao Do you recall the expansion you played and the approximate time you played the game?

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