People sitting on their turn in Rivals

  • Since there is no timer, I have encountered the same individual twice that at a certain point in the game, just stopped playing, after playing extremely slowly to start. I even called him on it in chat but got no reply. I tried reporting him but once I opened the report screen and wrote it, the accept button wouldn't work and I could not get back to the game without closing my browser and reopening. Tried several times to reload but he just sat there doing nothing. I know we should not put people's screen names here, but watch out for a dude with elo over 1200. That's how he got it and so far, the producers of this release are doing nothing about it, just as they are doing nothing about all the other problems I've read about in thse forums and elsewhere... steam, etc. FIX THIS GAME OR KISS A LOT OF FANS GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Catan card game will get turn timers like the board game when the complete card base game is ready. I've sent you a PM regarding the issue with a player stalling a game repeatedly.

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