How do I delete my account?

  • How do I delete my account? I made it in beta and did not expect to have to pay to play. Therefore, I really want to delete the account

  • We will delete your account from the user database as requested.

  • Will you also please delete my account?

  • What's the advantage to deleting an account? Why not just not use it?

  • I guess it is a good way to send a message to the developers that the game is so bad that you would go so far to ask them to manually perform the action to remove the account.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can I request the deletion of my account too?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Could you please delete my account as well if possible?

  • administrators

    @city17 please contact our support regarding this matter. (

  • please delete mine too; from the UI (sketchy, looks like rendered in 1995, nothing as beautiful and lovely crafted piece as your other app) to the gameplay with 'pay for stuff' (as in a zillion other apps) to the UI which is as in the other app quite difficult to point where a building should be even on my 5 inch smartphone (can't you split the hexagon contacting areas in areas instead of using a point so i can tap nearby with my clumsy thumb to build there instead of using a graphite pencil)....

    i purchased the other app and could unlock the features and modes, but that can't change my personal frustration if seeing a good game going down. Please delete my account.

  • administrators

    @walter-ghetoofaust well thanks for your google play review, too :disappointed_relieved:

  • I set up my account using my password as my name, which is silly. How do I change my name? Do I have to delete my account? Do I have to create another Gmail email account?

  • administrators

    @Scott_m3 Best contact our support team via We will help you out with everything regarding your account over there.

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