Guild members introducing themselves

  • In this thread all members of our guild are kindly asked to make a brief introductory post, stating who they are, why they are here and whatever else they would like to share with us. :)

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


  • Hey guys,

    although being only the 5th member (America first, Catan second ;-P ), I'll start with a short introduction. I'm 28 years old, located in Munich and have been playing Catan Games since I was 11 years old. I always favored the card game because it's much more variable and interesting. Nevertheless I have not played much in the last 10 years (the card game not at all) and I was quite happy when I saw that there is a new PC-Game out there. I had the old PC games too but they were too buggy and the bots not intelligent enough - a problem which now will be solved with an even browser-playable and fairly stable Online-Catan.

    I hope we'll have a lot of fun together.


  • I am 27 years old and from the beautiful city of Hamburg in the North of Germany. I am studying SLT (speech and language therapy) and if things go the way they are supposed to I will achieve my bachelor degree next year in summer... :smirk:

    Together with my girlfriend, I live in a cosy flat in a beautiful, green Hamburgian suburb far away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

    My hobbies are sports (jogging, workout, football, skiing, table tennis), cooking, reading, visiting cinemas and theatres and of course - who would have expected it - board games.

    My passion for board games was aroused many years ago by Bruno Faidutti's popular card game classic "Citadels". Due to a lack of friends in my real life environment who share my enthusiasm for tactical/strategic board games, I am very excited about the existence of online platforms like Catan Universe. :D

    Amongst all games I have tried out by now, "The Rivals for Catan" is one of my absolute favourites. (In spite of some rather persistent bugs) I Iove the implementation of the game at Catan Universe and the possibility to play day and night with gamers from all over the world, thus getting to know lots of nice people. This enthusiasm has finally caused me to found the guild "Rivals for Catan". I hope that my commitment within the guild will help me to network optimally with other Catan-enthusiasts, meet interesting people and play tons of fascinating games.

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


  • Hi!! I'm David, a 43 yo guy from Barcelona (Spain). I love to play board games in general and I'm always trying to learn new ones. This is the reason why I'm here, to learn Rivals For Catan. I realized just 2 weeks ago that it was available online at Steam, so... here I am!

    I never played before so, need a little patience ;)

    I use to play City and Knights expansion also.

    A pleasure to be part of the guild!!!

    (excuse me for my english... I need more practice :worried: )

  • 38 yrs old.
    software developer..
    gamer at heart.
    play rivals whenever I can.
    I have the rivals card game and play the themes..
    also have the "age of darkness" expansion pack ; )

  • Hi all! I'm a 22 years-old Thai girl, doing my Bachelor (Earth sciences engineering) in Delft, the Netherlands. ''If things things go the way they are supposed to" I will achieve my bachelor by the end of this year :)

    My ex was crazy of board games, Settler of Catan was the one he talked about the most, I ended up buying the game for him as a birthday present, he taught me and we never stopped playing, even when our relationship stopped. He brought me to this online platform and at some point it turned to be my routine to spendat least a few hours a day here.

    He has moved on to other board games (also in real life) but I still stick to Catan, where the Rival of Catan, together with Seafares are my favourites.

    Nice to have you all here and I'll dedicate my best to the guild too ;)



    PS. Thanks "Jesus liebt Dich" for initiating all these!

  • Hello Guild Members,

    My name is Kindness in the game.
    I look forward to playing with you. If you see me online, please message me for a game.

    Have fun!

  • Hi all,

    Im letday soon 34 (23th of june) im from Holland but i Live in south France Near Nice.
    Im a gamer of hearth too. I played this board game literally too many times haha and then i found it on steam. White was always my colour shame they dont have it but anyways I like to rule hahah i like seafarers the best.

  • Hello guys and girls.

    Coming from the warm and fuzzy country, called Norway.
    33 years young, love boardgames, voluntary work such as hosting lan partys and im a bit om a sports fan.
    But enough about that.
    Thanks allot to Nescool for taking his time to teach me in Rivals. Im still quite the newbie, but i love how there actually is a board game (except for Battleship) that is made for 2 player.
    Gonna try and become better at the game as time progresses and looking forward to chatting with ya'll.

    Lots of <3 from Norway.


  • +++ English +++

    Starting out is always difficult ... but fortunately, in my first duel, I met "Jesus loves you" and was made aware of the basics by her*him, not only in an extremely pleasant first game, but also a nice and edifying conversation on different worldviews. Thanks again for this great first game and the following invitation to the guild, which of course I gladly accepted.

    But now to me: I was completed in 1986 and hatched, my name according to the ID card of course is not Infusco, but Michael - but in this regard I like to be called Michi, that has backgrounds from childhood, where I always only was called Michael, when I did crap and my dear mommy discovered this ;-)

    I am from the architecturally beautiful city of Munich, but by no means such an arrogant snob as the great masses in this marsh of financial wealth and social poverty. Want to say: I am absolutely handy, very accessible and I am looking forward to a nice game with you and the game "The Rivals for Catan".

    +++ German +++

    Aller Anfang ist schwer.. aber zum Glück traf ich in meinem ersten Duell gleich auf "Jesus liebt dich" und wurde von ihr*ihm nicht nur in einem äußerst angenehmen ersten Spiel mit den Grundlagen vertraut gemacht und konnte auch gleich eine nettes und erbauliches Gespräch über verschiedene Weltanschauungen führen. An dieser Stelle nochmal großen Dank für dieses tolle erste Spiel und die dann folgende Einladung in die Gilde, die ich natürlich sehr gern annahm.

    Nun aber mal zu mir: Ich bin 1986 fertiggestellt worden und geschlüpft, heiße laut Personalausweis natürlich nicht Infusco, sondern Michael - am liebsten ist mir in diesem Bezug aber, wenn ihr mich als Michi ansprecht, das hat Hintergründe aus der Kindheit, wo ich immer nur Michael gerufen wurde, wenn ich Mist gebaut hatte und meine liebe Mama dies entdeckte ;-)

    Ich bin aus der architektonisch wunderschönen Stadt München, aber keineswegs so ein arroganter Schnösel wie die große Masse in diesem Sumpf des finanziellen Reichtums und der sozialen Armut. Will sagen: Ich bin absolut handzahm, äußerst zugänglich und ich freue mich sehr auf schöne Spielstunden mit euch und dem Spiel "Catan - Das Duell".