Winning with 8-9p

  • Hello.

    I have encountered an issue several times.
    In more then 1 of 2 games played, the winner gets 1 "secret point" (or 2!) with no explanation in the rules. Whatsoever.
    Explain this, please.

    This does not occur in the boardgame rules at all.

    Just now, I was beaten by an opponent with 8p (=10p!?), when I already had 8p myself, and this before the opponent.
    This is more then frustrating!!!

    Best Regards from Sweden.

  • In seafarer and base games you can get victory point cards by buying development cards, which are hidden for the other players until the winner reach the 10 vp (including his hidden vp cards)
    In the stats of the game you can see these vp cards in the ranking and final screen.
    Please make a screenshot from this screen next Time, when it occurs, if you are not convinced yet, so we can see what really happens.



  • As Honie explained, in base and seafarer games, VP cards are hidden until the end of the game. Therefore the VPs displayed at the game end statistics will show other number than during the game: If a player holds 2 VP cards, he will win the game when he reaches 8 "visible" VPs next to his avatar. However in the game end statistics, you will see his VP by cards as well.

    For reference, here's the section from the English rule-book:

    Victory Point Cards:

    You must keep victory point cards hidden. You may only reveal them during your turn and when you are sure that you have 10 [or the amount required by the scenario] victory points - that is, to win the game. Of course, you can reveal them after the game if someone else wins. You may play any number of victory point cards during your turn, even during the turn you purchase them.

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