Ore for Wool Map

  • Why is the Ore for Wool map not random?

  • Because the developers do not know how to make a random map which would be suitable for this scenario.

    Seriously, anything about the randomness about the game is done very poorly. Dice rolls sometimes follow the same sequence. The randomized maps create very uneven boards. And sometimes things that should ALWAYS be randomized, aren't.

  • Ore for Wool simply works best and is most balanced with the default layout.However there will be a version with a random layout (taking into account the scenarios specific requirements, e.g. ore on numbers with low probability, wool on those with high probability, additional wool port instead of the ore port) in the future.

  • Are you serious? This is the answer? Random map is the core of Catan. You really have no idea what you are doing? You can easily make a random map and place the ore hexes under low numbers. The game would be the same but much more fun.

    When do you realize that people DO NOT WANT TO PLAY ON THE SAME MAP ALL THE TIME!?

  • Seriously buddy I have now read several comments of yours criticising several aspects of the game in different threads...

    While I do comprehend that it can be frustrating when things do not work quite the way they should and that informing the developers about such problems is necessary in order to help the game improving, I really think that the tone you have been opting for in lots of your posts is very inappropriate.

    Unfortunately it seems that a certain culture of something I would call "destructive, condescending criticism" has been established among some users of Catan Universe.

    I certainly doubt that this attitude will help motivating the developers to do the best they can to fulfil all of our wishes to the utmost extent. Apart from this it simply provides a negative, unfriendly atmosphere in the forum which cannot be anybody's interest. I also doubt that the developers are quite as lazy, ignorant and incompetent as some people appear to perceive them to be.

    Why not enjoy all the aspects of the game that already work fine and utter necessary criticism in a constructive, appreciating fashion? Thus, players as well as developers could spend an even more enjoyable time at Catan Universe.

    Just my 2 cents, bro...

    "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."


  • Sorry if you see it this way. I have given so many suggestions on how to make things better but the developers have not done anything constructive to fix the issues. They have added features which do not remove the problem but move it to another aspect. Constantly. Being friendly does not seem to help either.

  • @Jesus-liebt-Dich Well said :thumbsup:

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