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    This is a suggestion about C&K progress card values. Not sure if it belongs to Catan Universe forum. If not, please redirect me to game design suggestion site. Thank you.

    I've analyzed the relative value of C&K progress cards expressed in resources. That is for how many number of random resources player would trade certain progress card. This is only to find the common denominator for comparison. I do not suggest to actually trade them. :)
    Keep in mind that this is a very rough estimation due to various card effects.

    Here is the table with explanations.
    Card value is estimated in equivalent random resource card count. Game length is approximated as 200 turns. 4 players. If you are allowed to choose card type this is worth receiving 3 random cards at the beginning and 2 random cards at the end as you don't need to trade for it (keeping in mind that trade ratio improves toward the end of the game).

    Printer: 6-6=6. 1 VP = ~6 (road + settlement = 6, city = 5, 2 knights = 6, 3 road segments = 6, metropolis = 5 per VP)
    Constitution: 6-6=6. Same as Printer
    Deserter: 3-9=6. Saves 2 resources per knight level + half of the points for killing opponent's knight. Level growths toward the end of the game.
    Wedding: 6-6=6. Depending on your relative VPs you can get up to 2 per opponent
    Inventor: 10-0=5. Improves resource collection odds by 2 dots max (=5-3) = 2/36 * 200 turns = ~10
    Saboteur: 4-6=5. Equivalent to getting about half of opponent's card stack: 4-6. They usually hold more cards toward the end of the game.
    Master merchant: 6-4=5. You get card itself + selection choice: 2-1 per card
    Alchemist: 4-6=5. 1) Guaranteed resource = 1-3 cards. 2) Selection choice = 2-1 per card. 3) Improving progress card odds comparing to other players = 1
    Merchant: 4-4=4. Beginning: 2 per trade * 2 trades = 4. Ending: 1 per trade * 4 trades (more cards you can receive until merchant is taken from you).
    Resource Monopoly: 2-6=4. Up to 2 resource per player but not all of them can have it. More chance toward the end of the game.
    Irrigation: 2-6=4. 2 grains * number of adjacent fields. One field at the beginning and ~3 at the end.
    Mining: 2-6=4. Same as for Irrigation
    Road building: 4-4=4. Saves 2 resources per road
    Smith: 4-4=4. Saves 2 resources per promotion
    Spy: 4-4=4. Average value of the progression card = 4
    Commercial harbor: 3-3=3. Exchange of your unneded resource card to random commodity. I'd say it worth 1 extra resource per exchange.
    Bishop: 3-3=3. Steal 2 cards + may free your tile from robber
    Diplomat: 3-3=3. 2 resources for road or same for destroying opponent's road + potential expansion initiative
    Warlord: 1-5=3. 1 resource per knight. More knights toward the end of the game.
    Engineer: 2-2=2. 2 bricks
    Merchant Fleet: 2-2=2. Same as merchant but for shorter period
    Trade Monopoly: 1-3=2. Up to 1 commodity per player but not all of them can have it. More chance toward the end of the game.
    Medicine: 2-2=2. Saves 2 resources per city upgrade
    Crane: 1-1=1. Saves 1 commodity
    Intrigue: 0-0=0. Rarely used


    Deserter and Intrigue.
    They are of the same action type but insanely different in strength. Former can be used against any opponent and has double effect (kills opponent's knight and gives it to you). Whereas latter can be used only when your road is connected to opponent's knight which happens almost never. I suggest to swap effects on them. This way Deserter will be always playable against any opponent but will have single effect. At the same time Intrigue will steal knight but only those blocking/breaking your roads. The last effect also would add potential risk to players blocking other players roads.

    Engineer, Medicine, Crane.
    These cards seems to be kind of weak in general. Especially Crane. Just extending their effect to any number of action during one turn would be sufficient. Like Engineer reducing wall cost to 1 for any wall you build in this turn, and Medicine and Crane do the same but for any number of corresponding improvements.

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    @Bear Thank your very much for your suggestion. This is something the Catan GmBh shuld take a look at. We will forward this threat to them.

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