Timer failure

  • It is now a few hours after the hotfix. I am stuck in a game where a player has stopped moving, and the turn has not been passed nor has he been replaced by an AI.

    In other words, the situation seems to be at least as bad as it was before the hotfix. :disappointed:

  • Update: After about 20 minutes of waiting (yeah, I'm patient), the system finally kicked the frozen player, shortly after declaring that he had lost connection.

  • Thanks for the info. We will look into it.

  • This still happens pretty regularly

  • yup, still happening. admin doesn't really care cuz even though they have put out a terrible rendition, people are still paying to play this crap. admin also does nothing about players who somehow can sit on their turn without exhausting the turn timer and wait for all the other players to quit so they can have a cheap win. ridiculous! i have more fun playing the board game against myself. watch out for player "freedomforcatalonia"

  • Player "April Rivers" does the same thing. The whole kick timer mechanic is broken.

  • @Administrator Obibiusly it's easier said than done, but can you not figure out a way to impliment the kick timer server-side, starting it once the prior players turn ends? This might kick players that don't know they're "stuck" and disconnected, but that will piss off one player. Having a player get stuck and ruining the game pisses off 3 or 4 players...

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