Timeout error

  • When I try to log in , I get a timeout error. Anyone else having the same problem?

  • Same problem

  • Yes mine is the same. I hope developers will have something to say about it

  • when I was in the game it show time error and I lose elo because of that. I want you to fix it and it happend more than once.
    That is not only bugs here all the time game just freeze and you cant continue, we all payed for this game I expect that you fix this problems not just because of money, because we like the game and want to play it like we should (without bugs that ruin the game)

  • Me too. In the middle of a game timed out now can't log back in.

  • This happened again about a month ago, and it took developers half a day to understand that sth was wrong and about a day to fix it. Now that it's Friday and weekend is coming I'm afraid that we'll play again on Monday :(

  • same problem. . .

  • @katerinalda was that before the release?

  • yes, it was at the beta version

  • @katerinalda Hopefully since we are no longer in Beta and we did pay for the game they will fix it fast.

  • this happend 10 minutes ago not in last version

  • @Chargerfan15 I am not so sure about that. To me nothing has changed since the release, except for the fact that I've paid money , only to face the same problems. So , I wouldn't be so optimistic :(

  • @katerinalda I cant agree more

  • do you think it has anything to do with the current huge hacker attack?

  • I was prepared to pay money... but now I'm not sure if i should

  • Yep. I tried logging in and it says 'timeout error'.

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