Same network - same auto match - unfair

  • I just figured out, that it happens unusual often that 2 player join an auto match who know each other. You can usually see when they commit unusual deals or play strategies together, never block each other, so on. That is making the game unfair for other participants.

    However, it appears ther are a lot of pairs/friends/students that share the same location (room). So probably they enter via similar ip.

    Could you please implement, that players entering auto match with same ip are not allowed to enter games in which single player (with unique IP) access?

    I know this will not erase the issue that 2 player enter who know each other, i.e. different locations, but in TS or friends in general. But I think it will decrease the level of "unfairness" quite a bit.

    Is that somehow possible? Or can I as a Single Player choose an Option helping me here? The situation happened to me in about 1 of 5 games.

  • administrators

    @Smoooth Thanks for your feedback. We will take a close look at the situation and other feedback we receive on this topic.

  • Have fun fixing it. Relativly low player numbers doesn't allow to forbid letting the same players join two games in a row and when you can't be friends to join together, you simply unfriend and then join Auto-Match.

    Only allow taking recourses or blocking (robber/pirate) from the leading player would also destroy the standard catan gameplay, since the leading player isn't necessarily the player with the highest points.

    Could be done with the report system and consider it griefing if someone blocks and takes recourses solely from the weakest player without having any strategy behind (e.g. two players got 6 points and the weakest lost his city and only has 2 points and there's no knight around)... but that's also very relative. Weakest player could be in someones way and that's the reason he takes from him.

    I'd happy if you find a solution, but i just can't see it atm.

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