Problem with time limit and turn player

  • Hello, today i played two games. The first was Nice ! But the second was horrible... First : One player was afk and we had to wait 15 min until a bot replaced the missing player. After 2 turns with the new bot the game froze. I was locked in the turn's bot. Then the other player was locked in my turn. So i had to quit the game and STILL LOSE Karma and ELO.....

    I have been playing this game for 3 days and it has been 3 times that i meet the SAME PROBLEM !!! !!! !!! !!! Can you advise me on solutions or explain why the game crashes ??? ??? And can i retrieve my Karma and ELO ??? ??? ???

    THANKS YOU !!!

  • Similar problems here. The bot crashes have gotten out of control lately. I'd never had one until a few days ago, now it seems to happen every time.

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