Inconsistent dice distribution

  • Hello,

    I am now continuously having the problem that the dice rolls do not seem to follow a realistic distribution. In every auto match I see that Dice mode is disabled all the time. This can be really frustrating when there were e.g. at least ten sixes but no eights and fives at all (!) halfway the game. Please fix this as this phenomenon makes some games highly unfair and not enjoyable.

    Best regards.

  • This happens in real life games too. Take a pair of dice and roll 70 times. Very often the distribution is "wrong" because you roll so few times.

    The dice mode is a pseudo random thing. If you know that the dice will be rolling in an even distribution, you can manipulate the system to gain more resources. You will play differently to gain an edge. If you are lucky in the beginning, you are more likely just going to build on the numbers which have not been revealed yet. Then you get these resources too. The other players who are on the new numbers, gain resources too but you are already ahead of them because your numbers came up first.

    There is no solution to this problem. This is how the game is.

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