Seafers weekend

  • Can't play seafers. It is blocked

  • Let me guess... You have not unlocked the base game either? If true, the developers of this game are incompetent at testing their own game.

  • Yea, I haven't bought it yet. And well this isn't doing any favor to it as well.

  • I think that in order to play on seafarers you also need the base game. So, if you have not payed anything, you can not play on seafarers. The fact that the system bypasses half of the requirements and not everything is funny. You can see that you can play seafarers but in reality it does not work. You probably have to use a scroll and unlock the base game to make seafarers work as well.

    The publisher/community manager who came up with this free weekend idea did not test how the system would behave with different configurations. Really amateurish to not test if the feature you are offering actually works on the users. It's not even that much to test - Test with a new free user who has not unlocked anything... Test with a user who has unlocked the base game. Test with a user who has the base game and seafarers. Test with a user who has everything. Maybe test with a user who has currently unlocked base game with a scroll and then see what happens if the scroll timer ends and seafarers still exists.

    Testing is not a rocket science. @Administrator please hire more QA. This is embarrassing.

  • @administrators I had this same issue and I also haven't bought the game yet (due to the numerous issues), but wasted an additional scroll unlocking the base game to see if that was the problem with why my seafarers and CaK were not working properly this weeked. Now I've used up 2 scrolls (one that I had used for Seafarers before the free weekend) and received nothing for it other than the inability to play both the seafarers and CaK expansion with seafarers scenarios.

  • I'd like to see if the CU team will release a public apology or any refunds for causing the trouble over the weekend...

  • Just info: I havn't bought the base game but was able to play seafarers this weekend

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