Play Multiple Expansions at once

  • Hello.
    I am new to Catan Universe but I have been playing Catan for a few years now. This is a few suggestions in one. Me and my friends almost always end up having to use the 5-6 player extensions, so that would be a nice option. Secondly, the most fun me and my friends have is combining the Seafarers and Cities and Knights expansions. It adds a lot more depth to the match. Would be great if combining multiple expansions were implemented. Also no Traders and Barbarians? I think Catan Universe needs an overhaul on the match customization to be able to combine the expansions, and maybe even pick features from Traders and Barbarians. I know Traders and Barbarians is a complicated expansion due to all of it's sub scenarios, but I think it would be great to add.
    Just my 2 cents. Great game!

  • administrators

    @y2clay14 When selecting the CaK expansion (while the seafares expansion is unlocked) you can play CaK rule set on Seafarers maps. Also we are planning on implementing Multi-Catan.

    Traders and Barabrians is also on our to do list.