Resolution is being messed up and game doesn't allow you to change

  • Tonight after loading Catan, the resolution looked to be crap. I'm not sure what it normally is since it never gives you the option, but tonight it appeared to be low res. I closed Chrome and reloaded a few times to no avail. I haven't changed my video card drivers, desktop res, or monitor since the last time I play, which was just a few days ago. When I do full screen, the game seems to zoom in too much as the res is good but I can't see any of the edges. Then it 'corrects' itself by reverting to a much lower res but there are black bars on all 4 sides. When I do normal size, there are black bars to the top and right.

    Pic 1 - Low res full screen

    Pic 2 - Low res normal screen

    AMD RX 480
    16GB Ram
    Win 10
    27" 1080p monitor

    Edit: Firefox is showing the main screen and game just fine. This is only in Chrome.

  • yall admin ****** even read this forum

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    We do, however we cannot comment every single topic. Did you change/update your Chrome version before the issue appeared and what version of Chrome are you currently running?
    Furthermore please watch your language. I've edited your second posting.

  • sure thing homie.

    Before I was Chrome 58.0.3029.96 (64-bit). I just updated it, and now im at 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit). Still getting the same resolution problems.

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    Thanks for providing further details. It works fine on our test system with the same version of Chrome. However there seems to be an issue with the engine we use (Unity), and certain browser and graphics card combinations. I've passed this on to the dev team to investigate further.
    In the meantime, I recommend the client version available on Steam. It is much faster and provides better graphics as its standalone and does not need to run into a browser that naturally limits performance. The client is a free download on Steam and you can use the same account as you do in the browser version.

  • I'll try the client download, but all during the beta the AIs would freeze incessantly. The only way to get them to 'wake' up per se was to do an F5 and refresh the page. You can't do that on the client

  • I'm attempting to play the game on my Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet/laptop. The graphics looked fine at first, but after rotating the screen to portrait mode and then rotating it back to landscape, I can no longer select a resolution that fits my screen. I've tried deleting the appdata folder for catan, but the resolution is still messed up when I restart the game.

    Also, is this game supposed to work with touchscreens? The user interface is very cumbersome to use with touch controls. E.g. recentering the map after buying cards and pieces.

  • Uninstalling the game and deleting the Catan folder under AppData doesn't help. It still remembers the graphics settings when the game is reinstalled.

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