what happened to free games?

  • what happened to free games? I bought the expansion to be able to play custom and auto matches. However since paying for the expansion i can no longer play the free match game option. What sucks about it is that I could get a game with other real players in a couple minutes with the free match I have not been able to play an auto game for the last two days because it does not link with any other players.....the wheel just spins and spins...i waited as long as 45 minutes once for it to create a game with no success.

    Am I missing something? can I still create a game with the free match? Why can I not connect to other players in the auto match? frustrating to a point of giving up on catan universe. The only games I can seem to play are with bots.


  • I can't access seafarers free. Also can't buy a scroll because "access already granted" from free weekend. No access though.

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    @Figg Please check out the options sceation where you can make the free match visible again. (enable free mach)

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