Game Ending problems

  • I've noticed a few times that scores and awards computations are not computed completely when a player ends a game by winning. Usually, it's not an issue, and I don't know if it affects ELO calculation. But the instance a game winning point is achieved, all other achievements and points are ignored, and the game ends. For instance, I really tried to get my "Empire" award in Seafarers just now by settling all 4 islands in that scenario. I did, in fact, settle all 4 islands, but the game ended with a win the instant I achieved 13 points as I placed my last settlement on the fourth island. The award was never issued, because all progress and achievement apparently stops at that moment of a win. Although I won, I felt a little robbed of my Empire award, which I specifically set out to achieve.
    Also, the abrupt ending to the game ends all conversation for a couple minutes and erases any previous chat. I propose keeping the chat dialogue box open in the corner, so people can discuss the last critical few minutes of the game.
    Unlike other feedback, I am not unhappy with the current update. I play on Steam, which has run fine for me overall. I see major improvements to the game design, particularly in how ELO and Karma are computed for abandoned games! I would like to see a complete final score calculation for the winning move, however, before an abrupt game ending!

    • Chelonian

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