System resources overuse

  • Hello guys,

    Is something normal or it happens just for me: when i start the game, while i am in first screen, no game started or anything, CatanUniverse.exe is using around 60..70% of CPU and GPU usage is at 50%. My CPU is i5 3470 and vga card is AtiRadeon RX480 8GB version. I have selected "Quick overlay options" and "simpliffied graphics effects" but no change. Is too much use of resources. All my fans go full speed, my UPS goes bananas because of high load on power consumption.

    OS: Win10 x64, 10.0.15063
    I'm running game build:; build time Fri Dec 16 18:17:19 2016

  • Number one problem with this game.

  • i have the same issue; my computer is getting very warm. it using to much CPU and GPU for such an easy graphical game.

    This needs to be fixed. i won't let this game abuse my computer. (to much heat is not good for long term use of it).

    The steam version is using so much more CPU. I expected the browser version would be better. but at the end, same result.

    My computer freezed because of the heat. That never happened even with games with very detailed and high rated graphics.

    Please fix this!

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