The 7s are out of control!

  • The 7s seem to be hitting more than what would be expected. I just played and 29 hit. The next highest number was about 10. Unlikely. This is happening in other games as well.

  • I second this. They do not fit a standard statistical distribution. Usually, the roll graph looks like a hand with the 7 being like a huge middle finger extended! It makes me wonder if that is totally an accident. :-P

  • Absolutely. Ruined multiple games. Not even close to actual distribution.

  • Please note: The dice distriubtion can differ in one game from the normal distribution. This is due to the fact that the sample (about 50 dice roll per game) is simply to small to create a normal distribution every game.

    Also it is part of the desing of a game using dice to not be predictable like this.

  • Nonsense, the 7 is so often that it is not much fun to play. 29 times in a game? Sorry, there you have something again not done right!

  • Go to

    Make the 2 dice roll 50-70 times. See how the distribution is. Refresh the page and try again.

    It will be very similar to some Catan games.

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