Explenation for Pirate and Ritter. Game error ?

  • Hello all,

    I have a question regarding the Ritter and Pirate- I was trying to explain the situation which i faced during one game. So i was playin Ritter and Knight and with 2 other players. One player had no big house and one small and no ritter activated. I had one big house and 4 small house and one ritter activated. And Third player had 3 big houses but only 2 ritter activated and 2 small houses. So I thought that I will save my big house since i had one house and one ritter activated. Instead, when the pirat hit, ( 4 pirat point and 3 ritter ), only me lost my own big house. I thought that either we both loose or only the 3rd player because he had 3 big houses and 2 ritters. Can you please explain the situation ? What is the reason behind ? or what is the understanding behind the ritter and pirates.

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  • The Catan rule here is:

    Count all Cities (big Houses) on the board.
    Count all activated Knights on the board.
    If you have more or equal knights than cities all is fine and you win.
    if you have less knights than cities the player(s) who
    have a city (not with a metro) and has provided the lowest account of activated knights
    will loose one city.
    SO in your example all is correct.

    Player A does not have any city, You gave 1 knight and Player C has 2 knights.
    So you gave the lowest amount on knights.
    (For calculation it is not rlevant who has how much cities. Only the amount of the cities counts)