Auto-Match random board generator.

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    I know guys you've been getting a lot of messages about this. It must be getting tedious but you really need to understand that you can't have fixed board scenarios in Catan. It's ridiculous. I recommend that before you do anything else to the game, you need to set up a random board generator for every auto-match game. You're losing out on a lot of customers. I hope it gets resolved soon.


  • Agreed, not purchasing full game until i see this change, this view is shared among many. Its ridiculous. @Administrator

  • We are on it.

  • I understand why there isn't a random board generator for people who haven't paid. They should have to pay to get the ability to play a random board. This is a great product you guys have made. What I am pissed about is paying $15 bucks only to have to play the same fixed board with the people who haven't paid. I am tired of playing seafarers because I know i will be playing with people who HAVE paid. Don't let the people who haven't paid off the hook. This is too good of a product.

  • I don't see how you would think this is a good product. After all the problems you have had with random map it would make sense to make random map available for everyone - much better game quality for both paying and non-paying players.

  • @Stroom I never had an issue with the fixed boards in early access. Which is weird, but I never did. I only experienced that once I bought the expansions after official launch. Seems like an easy fix

  • I purchased the game to have random boards. @administrators Enable random maps when a paid user joins a game. Issue solved. Free players will get bored of the static map once they experience random, and they will pay.

  • @KonnivingKiwi said:

    I purchased the game to have random boards. @administrators Enable random maps when a paid user joins a game. Issue solved. Free players will get bored of the static map once they experience random, and they will pay.

    I disagree. Free players will just leave the game and not pay at all if you use cheap tactics like this. Just make the random map free for everyone. Happier players are more inclined to pay for the expansions.

    If you can't even do the base game right, no-one would bother paying for expansions. This semi-free thing is a really bad decision.

  • @willybigtime @KonnivingKiwi The randomized board is an essential element of this game—it's how it works. I don't think it's too much trouble to have the game adhere to its own design.

    Also, I'm seeing people peace out of the game (by turning off wifi) the moment they see who goes first. I suspect that's at least in part because the board is frozen in this way. Everyone has studied the board now, and many make the same opening placement. They may not want to miss it by going second or third.

    It's just not Settlers of Catan without a randomized board—@thylmanoid is right to call it ridiculous. Glad to hear @Developers are working on it.

  • @breakfasts It's also not Settlers of Catan if you can't trade properly (i.e. make counter trades or demand 2:1 or even 3:1) or can't have the spiral option of numbering hexes to play on, but the developers have basically given us the finger on these issues, so don't get your hopes up too high on getting random maps without having to fork out money.

  • I see the lack of a random board still appears to be a problem. This is disappointing.

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    Random board is not a problem - this is an important part of start game. There is a thin line between greed and hope

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    @evilpasta The random board generator works just fin and as intended.

  • So those of us who haven't paid, do not get the option of random board generator? I ask because I am not getting a random boards, but the same one. I agree with the user above who stated that there are lot of people who simply will not purchase and just leave. I liked the old game because we could get random boards no problem. That's why I look for a free version of playing the game. Whereas, if I continue playing this game because you keep me by allowing random boards, I may actually consider purchasing products on here. Just saying.

  • @Administrator any progress on that so far?

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    @christ87chic Random Maps are available only for players that either purchased the expansion via gold or unlocked them via scrolls.

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