Lost Access

  • Why am I unable to play the game modes that I have purchased.

  • administrators

    @dsmith5992 If you purchased someting after the relesae please cotact our support via support@catanuniverse.com. If you a referring to the unlocks you made during the early access then please note: every account was reset for the commerial release and we installed (as we said before) our payment system.

  • Is there any way to earn the gold? Maybe by inviting friends to play?


  • @Administrator I am referring to the unlocks I made after the early release. I used 2 scrolls to unlock the game modes and now they are no longer available and I did not recover my scrolls.

  • administrators

    @dsmith5992 Scrolls unlock expansions for a limited time (24 hours) and can be gained by leveling up. E.G level 5 will give you 5 more scrolls.

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