Lost Access

  • Why am I unable to play the game modes that I have purchased.

  • administrators

    @dsmith5992 If you purchased someting after the relesae please cotact our support via support@catanuniverse.com. If you a referring to the unlocks you made during the early access then please note: every account was reset for the commerial release and we installed (as we said before) our payment system.

  • Is there any way to earn the gold? Maybe by inviting friends to play?


  • @Administrator I am referring to the unlocks I made after the early release. I used 2 scrolls to unlock the game modes and now they are no longer available and I did not recover my scrolls.

  • administrators

    @dsmith5992 Scrolls unlock expansions for a limited time (24 hours) and can be gained by leveling up. E.G level 5 will give you 5 more scrolls.

  • @Administrator what if I`m already on level 5, how do I get new scrolls?

  • administrators

    @cevrocha scrolls will be awarded at different level ups until you are level 20.

  • @Administrator I`m already on level 20, how can I get more scrolls? because I have been raising my score but not getting anything, is there a way to get more scrolls through the game or just do I have to buy? Another question, is there a monthly payment to have free acess to the whole game? Thanks

  • administrators

    @cevrocha At the moment level 20 is the maximum level and we do not award any scrolls or xp after you reached it.

    No! Catan Universe does not have a monthly fee for the full access. You pay once and you will have full access to your purchased items (expansions,customizations and so on) on any device you login with your account.

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