Turn Advancement doesn't show for all players

  • Sometimes, when one player has ended his or her turn, not all of the other players in the game can see that the player ended their turn. Only by asking in the chat window will I discover that it is my turn, when on my screen it still looks like the previous player is taking their turn. I then have to exit the application and re-enter the game for the turn to correctly advance to me. I've seen this happen with both human players and AI replacement players, although the AI players seem to be much more problematic.

  • I experienced a new version of this today: the issue happened when players were placing their first two settlements. The third player in a three person game claimed that they placed both of their initial settlements, but neither me nor the other player could see them on the map. And the turn indicator still showed it as the third player's turn. In this scenario, exiting and re-entering the game multiple times did not solve the issue. Eventually, I received an error message stating that the match had ended.

  • Thanks for the additional info we will look into it. It is always helpfull to us if you could share the time (approximatly) when this happend so we can look for the session ID on our servers.

  • @administrator Happened again today, around 3 PM Eastern time. A player left and was replaced by AI. I could not see their turn advance, but the other players did. Then the timer ran out on me placing my second settlement. Then the game indicated it was my turn, but did not give me the option to roll the dice. It automatically rolled the dice for me. And then I had no option to end my turn, so the timer ran out and I was kicked out of the game.

  • administrators

    @fudd30 Thanks for the additional info!

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