3 timer bugs (?) - first turn, burglar, gold field

  • I think there are 2 timer bugs:

    when 7 is diced and persons need to choose ressources to drop, the timer does not run.
    It should, else greedy players can stop the game.

    First turn:
    It seems that in some games, before one of the player is placing his first settelment, the timer is not running.
    Either it is bug cause by lag (because the problem causing player already reported to have a slow system), or by another source.
    To be checked what is the problem. In any case the timer should run no matter what happened to the player.
    Else it is freezing the game.

    gold field:
    If a player is on a gold field and his number is diced, as long as he chooses his ressource, the game is also "paused".

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