Tweaks to streamline game

  • It would be nice to have an option to roll the dice automatically.

    I'd like a button to buy development cards without needing to zoom out to do so.

  • You can play the development cards before playing. If the dice would roll automatically you either couldn't play the knight to get the robber off your hex or it would give the info to other players that the development cards you have are not the ones you would play before rolling.

  • If you have no development cards, it should roll.

  • I can agree with that. At least as an option. Some players want to click the roll dice themselves. Probably some irrational "good luck" thinking.

  • Tweaks to streamline the game? Allow people with no chance of winning to concede. Why sit there in a 40 minute game that you've already lost just so you won't lose Karma. Allow an honorable concession. Just one more reason why I like playing against the computer. When all hope is lost, I just end the game and start another.

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