Allow chat after game is finished

  • Suggestion:

    sometimes it is nice to talk about the game after the party, i.e. exchange about the statistic, see who really had most luck, so on.
    Why don't you just leave the chat open when the statistics screen is available?

  • This has been suggested so many times. Silence from admin every time.

  • Also, it would nice to actually have a "real" statistics screen. What is available as statistics is pathetic. About all there is are dice roll distribution and times robbed (which does not add up to the number of 7s rolled and knight cards played, btw). And none of it is available in-game. Again, PlayCatan has a much better statistics option and so does their mobile Catan app. This is yet another example of how ass-backwards this development has been; it has gone from good to bad.

  • administrators

    @Smooth at the moment you can come back to the board after the statsitcs screen. To chat with your opponents. But as we said we are looking into better solutions for this.

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