Dice freeze

  • Was just beginning a game when the red player finished her turn, the dice did allow the next player (purple) to shake. Purple exited then rentered the game and stated that her screen showed that it was my turn(green) . My screen still showed that it was red's turn. Red quit the game but my screen still showed it was red's turn. I exited and reentered the game after which my screen showed as my turn but would not allow me to 'shake' the dice. When I clicked nothing happened. My turn timed out , but instead of passing turns to the next player the timer restarted as my turn. Again I was unable to shake. This repeated three times and i was kicked out of the game for 'taking too long" three times. FRUSTRATING.

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    @Angua Thanks for the report. We will investigate. Are you using the WebGL or the Steam Client?

  • @Administrator I am using webGL

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    @Angua Du you recall roughly when you played that particular game?

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