Fairly certain AI character cheated twice

  • I just lost a single player game due to a couple of moves by an AI character that I understand to be against the rules. The first thing was moving the robber to a space I had nothing built on, only the other AI character. They then robbed me instead of them. I was under the impression you could only rob someone if you placed the robber to a space they had developed. Second, you can't build a settlement in between two roads I already have placed. Doing this wrongly robbed me of longest road. Could someone confirm that I've interpreted the rules correctly, or point me to where the rules say otherwise?

    Thank you.

  • You absolutely can build a settlement in between another player's roads and deprive them of longest road. However, you cannot build a road that crosses through an opponent's existing settlement.

    Not sure about your other problem. Sounds like a bug.

  • administrators

    @tuh-hah-miss The first one sounds odd... If it should happen again please send a screenshot to our support via support@catanuniverse.com or post the link to the screenshot here in the forums.

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