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  • First of all , it is the second time I am asking this question, and i really hope this time I will get an answer. Now that I have paid for the game , is there a chance that sb can tell me why I cannot block anyone and my blocklist is empty?

  • administrators

    @katerinalda is nothing happening when you rightclick on the other players avatar? MAybe a screenshot could help to clear up this issue.

  • There is not much to screenshot. I right click on the person ,I press block and nothing happens.There isn't any sign that the person is blocked and when I right click again there is still the option to block them. The block option used to work 1 month ago ,but it doesn't anymore. My blocklist is empty,too . I was hoping that the problem would be fixed with the previous update or with the official release of the game, but you proved me wrong. Not only I have to play the same map again and again but I also have to play with the same people who I don't want to play with.

  • So I guess once again my problem will stay unsolved.

  • @katerinalda said:

    So I guess once again my problem will stay unsolved.

    Can you confirm, that you are using the Chrome Browser with 64 bit?



  • I don't understand what you r asking Honie

  • @katerinalda said:

    I don't understand what you r asking Honie

    Similiar behaviour I have had, when I'm not using a 64-bit Browser.
    So I want to tell you, that you should be sure, that your are using a 64-bit Browser.
    I prefer Chrome 64-bit. You can controll it, when you click on Menu-> Henlp -> About Google Chrome
    Ther should be:

    Version 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit)

    or similiar (the 64-bit is the imporant part. The numbers could be different).

    If not, then you should download and install explicit the Chrome 64-bit Browser form the Internet.



  • I don't play the game on the browser, I have downloaded it

  • @administrators will you please do sth about my problem??? I keep bumping into people I really don't want to play with. It's not a beta version anymore, so if sth doesn't work and people have paid , you have to do sth , or at least answer that you will look into it.

  • @administrators what do I have to do to get an answer?

  • @katerinalda Stop being so rude and people might actually care about your problem.

  • @thylmanoid Do you see the irony of your post?

  • @thylmanoid have you seen how long I have been asking the same question? For the last 10 days I ask and they do not answer. I have reposted the same question about a month ago , in a much more polite way , and still no one answered. I purchased the game with the hope that the problem would be solved but nothing changed. The reason why I am being "rude" as you say , is that I have given money to buy sth that doesn't work the way it is supposed to , and no one from the people responsible cares .

  • @Poisonguy irony has nothing to do with what I said. I'm not the one asking for help.

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