Random Map

  • I understood that there was an issue with the map that would be not random when playing "Autoplay". Well, as far as I am concerned, I will wait that this not-random map issue is fixed before starting paying anything. Once this is fixed, I come back in business. There is an option though that our developer friends can do: it'd be to give an option to the players (with random map by default, with a "permanent" map for those who want)

  • @administrators: still waiting for a beginning of answer...

  • We found the issue. And it should be fixed in the next update. It is connected to started (and not yet finished singleplayer games) where the random map was not activated. Please try to end the saved games or start a new singleplayer game (same scenario) with activated random map option.

    We are working full speed on a fix for that issue! Thanks for your patience.

  • Hi, your answer is very much appreciated on this end. Thank you for the answer and for working on the issue.
    A catan fan

  • We need random map on free play too

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