Buying game & extentions again?

  • In early access I had purchased the game & extentions. Do I have to buy them again?
    I saw in options menu "Link to Catan Classic account" - what is that? I tried registering but it did not recognize my account.

  • @bental You didn't actually purchase anything during early access. It was free. The coins were actually given to you to "purchase" any extension you wanted. The difference is that now, with the early access phase terminated, you have to purchase the coins with real money (i.e. they aren't given to you anymore).

    The "Link to Catan Classic account" is an option for those who bought the mobile version of the game (iPhone, Android or iPad) to now connect their mobile account to Catan Universe since they have already paid for the game with actual money when they bought the mobile version (which was developed and sold by the same people as Catan Universe).

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