cant play the game

  • i click into the game and its says its not upto date

  • @college7guy The free version (the early access) is no longer available. Basically, the game is no longer available directly from the Catan Universe website (unless you press the Browser icon to play in their browser).

    1. First, you have to click on the Steam icon at the Catan Universe home page (the button next to the Browser button).
    2. Then you have to download Steam onto your computer and create an account with Steam.
    3. Then you can search for Catan Universe with the Steam search function and download into your newly formed Steam account.
    4. Once that is done, you can open Catan Universe from your Steam account and play the basic game for free (no random maps) or make purchases for expansions and stuff.

    Hope this helps.

  • thks but i will not play the game i dont use steam

  • I did all the steam stuff...and cannot get the game to load...playing in the browser is very slow and painful...was hoping that the steam site was better..but like I said..i only get an error...and suggestions?? I loved the testing phase and played for I'm sooo sad

  • @luckyluci @administrators Mine is the same. I downloaded steam and went through all the hoops, but just got an error in the end. So I came back to play on the browser, and I'm back to zero with no bundles or stats at all, and it was too slow to connect to even the freeplay game..

  • Hi, I wonder if someone can help me. I have purchased the big bundle and yet it seems like I an playing the free game as I keep playing the same map over and over again. Is there something I can do to ensure random maps?

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