Catan Universe is not legitimately "free to play," and I just realized why...

  • Curiously, CU is listed as a free to play game within Steam yet requires you to pay to play after your first match. On top of that, in order to pay, you need to jump through hoops to do this by adding funds to steam and purchasing in-game currency with those funds, only to then purchase the game and it's expansions afterwards (a non-refundable process). At a first glance, this just seems like a poorly thought out decision. After some thought, I realized they did it this way to get around the Steam refund system. They developed the game TO CIRCUMVENT STEAM'S REFUND SERVICES. This is insanely shady. Fuck you, Exozet. No one buy this game.

        -A loyal Catan fan who feels betrayed

  • administrators

    @Yobby You used the same text in your review on steam but it is not true that you have to pay after your first game. We also let you know why we created the payment as we did. Transferring in App purchases from one store to another is impossible therefore we connected the unlocks of the expansions to the players account so our users are able to play the expansion regardless of the device they are using.

    If you are not happy about the steam wallet which is the only available option on steam, try the browser version and pay there. No Steam wallet there ;)

  • And, in my reply to yours on the Steam review I posted (which, by the way, was a copy paste of this... not the other way around), I mentioned that whether the intention was there or not, the effect is still the same. A million red flags are raised when a product of such poor quality is released which requires you to jump through hoops to purchase the full version and offers no refund options. Considering the Steam reviews, I would say this is a given. Part of this issue is that you require us to pay through the Steam wallet, though this is not the whole issue. Regardless of intention, I would absolutely not recommend this product to anyone who hasn't participated in the beta, and thus are already fully aware of the issues, not to mention the issues only present in the full release, like auto-match not having randomized boards (which is the single worst idea put into play throughout the entire, extremely flawed final game).

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