Why are boards not randomized in auto-match????

  • This actually makes no sense. In the beta, auto-match would give us randomized boards. Now, I keep getting the same boards over and over again. What gives? It lets me select random boards in custom and singleplayer games. I'm absolutely giving this a poor review until this is fixed.

  • During early access phase the administrator was constantly saying that this map is what people want to play. That new players must play on this board because it is balanced etc.

    Well, apparently people want to play on a random map rather than seeing the same map over and over again. This was being constantly reminded to them for months but they just did not care to change that. The randomizer still has a high chance to pick this map for playing.

  • From this, I can conclude that the admins have a very vague understanding of both Catan and what it's players want. No one wants to play that shit all the time. It's not even balanced.

  • @Yobby did you pay for the expansion too? If you paid and are still getting the same map over and over then that is total BS and I'm not paying for the game...

  • @EZ-MACKIN I own all the expansions and non-cosmetic purchase-ables. Auto-play still doesn't give me random maps.

  • @Yobby BS. You deserve a premium product if you shell out the dough. new map, every time. @Administrator @administrators

  • Anyone who is not happy with the way game has been released or is functioning can write a review on Steam and Steam will give a rating to Catan Universe. Getting a bad rating will keep some people from buying the game. Maybe that's the only way to get the makers of the game to actually do something about gameplay since they haven't been listening to any of the player concerns regarding this issue here in the forums for the past year, it seems.

  • Or I could do both.

  • administrators

    We are currently looking into it

  • Random maps is necessary if u want to keep players for longer than week!

  • Any update on the random boards? I am not interested in paying for the game if boards are not different each time. Besides the interactive aspect of trading (which is already limited by online play), playing on a different board each time was THE THING that made Catan a great game.
    Can someone also tell me if ALL the scenarios are available for Cities and Knights if you pay and play an auto game? Or are they only available for custom games? Thanks

  • @Administrator : please look faster. No way I will subscribe to a paying Catan Game if pre-determined maps are given, nor I will give good reviews...

  • We found the issue. And it should be fixed in the next update. It is connected to started (and not yet finished singleplayer games) where the random map was not activated. Please try to end the saved games or start a new singleplayer game (same scenario) with activated random map option.

    We are working full speed on a fix for that issue! Thanks for your patience.

  • Not being able to play random maps every game is costing you a lot of money guys. Fix it.

  • Please fix this. Makes it so boring and if you dont pay for anything you're stuck in this FOREVER.

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