US Dollars ?

  • Are we going to be charged a fee because the game shop is in Euros and not USD? On the pre-release notes it shows 3.99 Euro/Dollar. What about the exchange rate differences?

    Also, why can't we choose the amount of coins we would like to purchase? 1700 to 3000 is a big stretch...


  • administrators

    @tayl0rann You won´t get charged a fee from us when buyin gold coins in the store. Using an adaptive exchange rate would be way to fragile to implement here that is why the prices are at a set level.

    Every Coin Package is a so called in App purchases which has to be implemented in the game and aprroved by our distributing partners like Steam and later on Google and Apple. We can´t put 3000 different in App pruchases in the App ;)

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