I lost everything, HELP!

  • So I read that all of our player stats go back to 0 with the new update. Fine. Stinks, but whatever. But now with this new update it set my gold down to 100 so I am unable to do anything besides the free match but no matter how much I play, my gold does not increase. My gold has never increased with any of the other updates either but it wasn't as big of an issue because the base game started with 1000 gold coins so I could at least purchase the ability to do more than free games so it never bothered me. How am I supposed to be able to move on from the free games if I can't earn any gold? Anyone else having this problem? Help! The free game is so boring!

  • You have to pay real money now. Welcome to the world of business $ $ $.

  • Well that's dumb. Why would I want to invest real money into a game that has so many problems?! Boo.

  • So I paid the $4 to get at least the base game expansion. Is there any way to earn coins now through game play or is everything pay for features?

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