What I have to purchase to play online with friends?

  • The tittle its all I need to know. In the game it says that I have to purchase The The Game Expansion. So... I dont know what should I take, because I have not even the CATAN - THE GAME... I just played last week before the early access finished. I took with 1500 gold all the games and expansions... then, the game reset, and oficially released, I do not know what should I purchase to play with my friends.

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    @Hansokaz Every expansion you unlock can then be played in singleplayer custom and auto match. The custom match is the option were you can invite your friends and set up a game to your likings. The availabe scenarios depend on the expansion you buy. If you and your friends just getting started with Catan i yould say start with buying only the base game since the rules are the easiest to learn.

    If you are looking for a more indepth gamplay unlock the seafares expansion using one of your scrolls (you will have access to the expansions for one day when using one scroll).

    Cities and Knights is the most complex expansion adding a lot of new features. But (in my oppinion) it is the most fun of all.

  • So if I can't buy anything i can't play anything else then just the base game. (Of 2 limited times the expansions)? I think I won't play anymore then... Not even seafarers or C&K...

  • @SabrinaM You can play the base game with the same map layout as many times as you wish for free. And you can use the two scrolls to open up seafarers and/or cities and knights for one day each for free.

    The "early access" phase is finished (the free phase); Catan Universe is now open for business, so you have to pay for anything else than what I mentioned is free. It was never intended to be free forever as there are cost incurred with developing such a game. If you like the product they created, the cost appears comparable to other similar products on the market. If not, ...

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    @SabrinaM You will also level up and gain more scrolls to unlock the expansions again (level 5 e.g will get you 5 scrolls)

  • @administrators What do I have to buy to participate in 'seasons' and what are they? I just got a notification when I reached level 5 saying I got 5 scrolls to use in seasons. How do I use them?

  • @administrators After looking through the USM website and your online games, I purchased the iOS iPhone app "Catan" and purchased the "Cities and Knights" expansion on there. How can I redeem those purchases on Catan Universe as well?

  • @jfitzge Go to the options menu in Catan Universe. You'll see a button there for "Link to Classic Catan account." Click that. The new screen will ask for the username and email address you entered for your Catan iPhone account. Enter them there and click register.

    Keep in mind that @administrators have already mentioned that they are having problems with this function for certain accounts, so it may not work right away. I have the iPhone app as well and Catan Universe can't link to it yet.

  • all right; thanx to all! I'll wait it out a bit and we'll see :) Yesterday I was called a whore; so if this is the sort of players I don't think I'll pay ... ( @administrators @Moderators I reported those players right at the end of the game)

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    @jfitzge Please contact our support via support@catanuniverse.com to get help with the conncetion. They have all the info. Thanks!

  • @administrators Can you please answer my question too? Thanks in advance.

    What do I have to buy to participate in 'seasons' and what are they? I just got a notification when I reached level 5 saying I got 5 scrolls to use in seasons. How do I use them?

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    @Linde Seasons will be implemented later on. They will be played in certain expansions (alternating) and take a few weeks. You can join by using 5 scrolls.
    Here a short description with some facts about the season

    A season game will be played via the auto-match once you singed in
    You will gain ELO for the games
    There will be a Season ELO leaderboard
    All participants of a season will receive an ingame item once the season is finished
    If you perform better in the season (higher placement in the ELO board) you will be rewarded more cool stuff

    As soon as we are finished with the details (menues and so on) we will showcase the seasons here in the forums!

  • @Administrator As you can see from the posts here in the various forum threads and the largely negative reviews on Steam (47 out of 82 as of this posting), there is a lot of confusion about the release of this commercial product (and that's to say nothing about the quality of the product itself in its current form, if reviews are to be trusted). It does not appear like the product and management team was ready for this. So, why have you further confused the issues and included anything in the release that isn't actually ready or functional like tournaments, boosters and season, etc? Why don't you just introduce them in a timely manner; when they are ready and have some kind of almanac to accompany them? It would have saved you a pretty dollar on that ibuprofen.

  • @Poisonguy I agree... It is even confusing which package to buy (if you want to buy something). How to figure out what is useful and what is not.

    @administrators Is there a date WHEN you plan on releasing this? Or will this take so long you don't have dates for it yet? Just trying to figure out if I want to buy a package with or without scrolls (and if I like the use for them)

  • Finally I got the basic game and I begin to play online with custom match, there are so much bugs, freeze turns, disconnects, this game is STILL a beta, and we PAID for it. Its almost impossible to finish 1 game withouth having 1 dc or even the freeze turn.

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