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  • Is there really only one board avaiable for free game? Are you kidding? I played 3 games and each had same hexes...

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    @altaire We are not kidding ;) It works as intendet

  • @altaire It's called a teaser. New people to the platform will play the free game and get drawn in by Catan. Once they get bored with the same layout, they'll fork out the cash to get the expansions. At least, that's what USM/exozet hope.

  • @Administrator How can you say with a straight face that this is a "free to play" game? This is a demo of what the Catan game actually is.

    This is false advertising and very shady.

  • You can also use the scrolls (once you created an account) to unlock the expansions for a limited time. Raeching Level 5will give you 5 more scrolls you can use. If you dan´t want to pay anything that is the way to go ... i guess :sweat:

  • @Administrator Why is it this way? This is stupid. You don't even acknowledge that what you are offering is in no way considered a free to play game.

    I am not talking about expansions. I am talking about the freaking BASE GAME! Base game is not free. You are even hiding away the possibility to play with friends! And the default map... All of this is supposed to be free. All of this WAS free in PlayCatan. Stop feeding me the scrolls nonsense and do one right thing for once. Base game with all its features must be free if you even consider calling your game free to play. So far all we got was "free to download". The default-map-free-match thing you are offering is a serious insult to the player base and all the early access players.

    These changes of monetizing appeared in the last month of early access and really showed how you only care about money. Even going so far to call the game "free to play" to attract players and then showing that to actually play the BASE GAME as it was originally intended (random map, with friends) you need to pay 3.96€.

  • Honestly, four euros is nothing. I agree with you that on principle it's rather shady to call the game free, but I would never object to paying four euros for something as enjoyable as this game.

    Where I come from the physical board game costs 60 euros... The cost of CU is peanuts. Suck it up, people.

  • I do not even agree that this game is enjoyable. It is still buggy and it is missing all the nice features the previous game had. Now they even made the base game something you have to pay for. In the previous version, you did not have to pay anything for the base game. In addition, it had much better trading, it had a lobby and it did not automatically kick you out of the game when you accidentally had timer tick to 0 on you.

    I agree that 4 euros is nothing but on principle, the ways these guys are doing business is repulsive.

  • Graphics are overkill and a bit slow, yeah. I'd rather have a more functional interface. Communication between players, whether it's chat or trading, should also be smoother.

  • @Administrator Where can i Read all this ? (Reaching Levl 5 ... ) How can i know this ???

    FAQ ??

  • If only all the bugs were fixed... It's sad that something as enjoyable as PlayCatan service is becoming a money machine... Maybe to some people 4 euros is nothing, but in my country it's a lot of money and I refuse to suddenly pay for game I play for years for free. I'm going to return to old service for as long as it's possible. You're not going to have as many players as you thought if you keep this money politics. Especially since people are used to what PlayCatan was.

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